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Work at Home Moms – How Paid Surveys Can Help You Earn Money From Home by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Finding work you can do from home isn’t easy, and often it doesn’t pay very well. But if you are a stay at home mom who wants to earn a little extra money each month, paid surveys are a great way to do this. All you need is a computer and some free time, and when or how frequently you take a survey is entirely up to you.

Let me start by giving little reality about the world of survey taking. There there are good survey companies and bad survey companies, so if you have heard anything bad about taking surveys online, those people haven’t been with the right companies. You shouldn’t waste your time taking surveys that are going to make you less than minimum wage. I rarely do, and there are better paying surveys out there. You also have to be realistic about your income potential. Those website that say you can make $150 and hour or that you will earn $500-$700 per week are blatantly misleading their website visitors. The focus groups that pay $150 are few and far between. Stay away from these sites, because if they are misleading you about the income, they will mislead you elsewhere as well. Consider the high paying surveys a bonus, not consistent income.

So, what can you really make? Most surveys pay between $1-8 and take 5-20 minutes. Compensation and time of the survey will vary depending on the information needed, but if you factor in what that is at an hourly rate, it is pretty good pay for working at home at your own convenience. You will also run across survey companies that only appear to offer sweepstakes entries for your time. This doesn’t seem all that appealing if you aren’t that lucky (like me). Do yourself a favor and register for them anyway. Sometimes these very same survey panels that you think won’t pay you, sometimes have great high paying surveys, offer occasional focus groups (up to $150/hour), and send you free products to test and keep. You really just never know. Since it is entirely up to you whether you want to participate or not, it is best to register for all the legitimate panels and decide which surveys you want to do after you have received the invitation and see what they are offering for your time.

If all this sounds like a pretty sweet deal, all you have to do to get started is find a site with a decent list of survey companies all laid out for you. Just register for the individual survey companies, confirm the registrations in your email, and complete the profile information with each company (this filters the surveys opportunities to help send you only those you are qualified for). Registering and completing your profiles information is the most boring and tedious part, but its a cakewalk after that. Just check your email and decide whether or not you want to take the survey. That’s all there is to it.

One last tip: Search for a free survey company list, because there are plenty of sites who will want to charge you for information that is available for 100% free.



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