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Steganography – Protecting Important Documents Through Viable Methods by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

The need for the protection of important documents or personal belongings is growing due to upcoming flaws in security. At this juncture, it’s imperative for any important document to remain in the safe hands or get utilized in the proper way. This hindrance is now being eliminated by the innovative technology invented, known as steganography. Using this technique, any message can be hidden, preventing any intervention from an outsider who many try to intrude or try to obscure security. Hackers and other people taking interest in this type of intervention try to breach through the security employing various techniques.

Saving documents from getting in wrong hands is the prime objective in steganography. It generally means “concealed writing” which ultimately means covering or protecting. Cryptography was also invented before for this purpose but steganography does not attract people to browse through documents as in cryptography. It not only helps in the protection of documents but also protects the parties who may exchange confidential messages. Electronic steganography is also employing the use of coded messages in place of the electronic signals for transmission. The file being exchanged can be documents, protocol or programs and image files too. Image steganography has become very popular lately. Media files are being used for the transmission of large files.

Images include coded information and image steganography aids in a lot of places. The hiding process was very popular in early times also when the greek used to hide inside wax for safety. In modern times, it is a security strengthening process. Sometimes, encryption is not permitted as specific areas due to privacy policies or other rules and regulations. Steganography can be used at such places for the security purposes. Encryption can ultimately be deciphered but if steganography is done inside that, the message remains hidden from the intruder. Cryptography seemed to be more of a messy form.

The advent of this unique technology is expected to do wonders in the field of security. The secret message is always important to the sender and the receiver and they expect no breach in the process. In steganography, an innocent looking simple object is placed on the message so that no one gets attracted to the message. The red, green and blue pixels values are adjusted so as to get the right combination while hiding. Sometimes, a random noise is added so that it may be discarded by the viewer of the file.



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