Seasons Greetings! Spend Less, Save More! It Will Keep You Healthy and Live Longer by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Seasons Greetings! Spend Less, Save More! It Will Keep You Healthy and Live Longer by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Spending money on the latest has gotten to be the biggest trend in the 21st century. Everyone wants the latest and the best. There’s nothing wrong with having the best. There is certainly nothing wrong with having the latest! Do we have to go broke doing it? The modern family spends more on clothes, food, and miscellaneous items than what they truly need. Why is it? Families in the 20th century worked real hard and they saved. Products and goods were not as high as they are now. Healthcare was cheaper. Going to a movie wasn’t as expensive as it is now. What has changed? Our economy has changed. With new demands comes higher taxes, and more money to be spent. People are still giving birth, even though the cost to raise a child keeps getting higher.

When the government shut down for the days that they did, it didn’t stop some of us from spending. We kept buying like their was no tomorrow. Christmas has come and we still hit the stores and shop. Should we stop because things are getting higher? No. But we should balance what to buy and what not to buy. Some people cannot go into a store without picking up something extra. Seeking financial counsel and wisdom from those that has our best interest at heart can save us time, money, and a lot of happy times. This can happen only if we seek their advice and learn from them. Christmas has been around for centuries. We are going to buy what we are going to buy. Buy because you need it. Buy because, the person deserves it. There have been parents that took their children things back to the store because they no longer deserved the gift. They didn’t earn it. The child was upset, but later got over it. The parents had money to pay a bill. Have we really overrated Christmas and the whole gift giving thing? Whatever makes you happy, do it! If you have the money, spend it!

Saving is a crucial key to any family. If you want that longevity in your family, marriage, and even your life, then save more. Spend less. Find another source to put your money. Give to charity. Give to the poor. Sow into a ministry or organization that will benefit you. Give with a grateful heart and a willing spirit. Be thankful!


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