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Payday Loan Payoff: Does It Have To Be Painful? by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Most of us would agree that spending less and saving more requires some sort of sacrifice. But there are ways to save money that are relatively pain-free. Whether it’s spending less on clothing, cooking at home instead of eating out, or foregoing that annual vacation, a payday loan payoff may require the rearranging of your financial priorities. At the end the day, making changes to your lifestyle will benefit your bank account as well as you personally.

Get Healthy: Eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis are both ways to save on doctor visits, medical bills, dental emergencies, and even the cost of life insurance. You can work out for free at home by training with free videos by fitness experts. The library also gives patrons access to an array of workout videos and DVD’s. Walking, jogging and running are free and give you the opportunity to explore new areas as well as get to know your neighborhood better. There is also hiking and trail-rising if you like to ride a bike. Consider working out with a friend or family member to help keep you motivated. Re-evaluate your eating habits and make an effort to read labels and shop healthier. If you do experience an unexpected dental issue or medical co-pay, an overnight payday loan may help cover costs temporarily.

Triple The Technology: This doesn’t mean play video games three times as much as you normally do! It means consider taming the costs of your Internet, phone and cable bills by looking into providers who offer bundle packages on the three services. It’s sometimes called a “tripe play” and offers consumers a ways to save money as well as enjoy the convenience of one bill every month. You may find that you are paying the same now for a single phone line as you would for all three in a triple play package.

Prepay For Your Cell Phone Bill- Cell phones can easily be one of the most costly monthly bills. Just having a cell phone can cost quite a bit and when a person goes over their limit on data, texting, or phone calls, it’s really expensive. Going prepaid is not ideal for everyone but can help save a small fortune if used in the right circumstances. Most cell phone carriers offer prepaid phones and phone cards as well as stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Once you have the phone, you can even buy more minutes at your local grocery store or supermarket. Some prepaid plans offer as low as just $0.10 per minute. There are no long-term contracts to commit to and if you want to stop usage, you can do so whenever you want. If you find yourself seeking out a short-term payday loan just to payoff your cell phone bill, going prepaid may be right for you.

Get Cash Back: While owning a credit card certainly isn’t for everyone, if you have good credit, you could have the opportunity to earn cash-back rewards from your credit card company. These awards are offered in many ways as an incentive to get consumers to use their cards. Cash-back rewards are usually anywhere from 1%-5% on your purchases. To maximize your benefits with this money saving tip, you can set up automatic bill pay for your monthly expenses (gas and groceries as well). In order to make this work for you, though, your income and budget must support paying off your credit cards every month. The point is to make money with your cash back rewards. If you are finding yourself taking out more payday loans to support your credit cards, instead of earning cash to put towards your payday loan payoff, this is not the right money saving choice for you.



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