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Next-Generation Internet And Network Security Tips by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Internet and network security has become the need of the hour. For both individuals and businesses, it is very important to protect information and data. There are plenty of threats flying on the web and without proper security measures you can never fight against them. In this article we will give you important internet and network security tips prevention methods.

A computer network can be attacked in different ways like virus attacks, unauthorized access, cryptography attacks and many others. And to protect the network, there should be an updated antivirus program. In addition, you should also deploy the missing security patches in all the network computers. If you are facing difficulties for home network setup, consult a remote computer support provider.

When it comes to security threats, there are plenty of them. Denial of service, distributed denial of service, viruses as well as Trojan horses, spywares, malwares as well as unauthorized access to the network resources and data, etc. Let’s start the discussion with virus. You might know that a computer virus is a small program or an executable code. Whenever it is executed and replicated, it performs various unwanted and harmful functions for a computer and a network. Your hard disks and processors might also be destroyed by viruses. The only way to prevent viruses and other malicious objects is to install an antivirus program and update its virus database regularly.

To protect your computer and network, you should also install email scanning and monitoring program. This is because email is a big source of a viruses and malicious codes. In many cases, it is seen that hackers send mails comprising attachment which is actually a virus. If you unknowingly download this, malicious code will get installed on your computer. Apart from installing an email scanning and monitoring program on your computer, you should also have a tight security policy at your proxy server. It is also necessary block the unnecessary ports and web applications.

You should block unauthorized access to the network. In fact, you should share the network resources and data to the authorized persons. All the shared folder and resources in the network needs accessed only by the authorized persons.

To protect your network there must have a good network monitoring tool. It will help you to detect different suspicious things as well as monitor different activities in your network. These include network traffic, open ports, and useless shared folders, etc. In this context GFI LanGuard Network security scanner is a good scanning and monitoring tool. The tool is very useful to check for all the possible methods that today’s hackers employ.



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