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Make Money at Home For Free – Learn How by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Researching ways to make money at home for free is a confusing and frustrating task. In my search, I finally decided to try online marketing. But, I failed to realize what a massive undertaking it was to find a helpful site to learn some techniques that was not a total scam.

I began to investigate a way to make money at home for free by hitting the search engines for about a week straight. I would read through the reviews (good and bad), testimonials, and finally the Terms of Service. I felt that a solid Terms of Services was vital to a good teaching site because everything that you are paying for when you sign up must be disclosed there. Every site I avoided was because of the hidden fees or programs that were listed on the Terms of Service.

These surprise costs are cleverly hidden in a mountain of legal language that look like it was written by a computer dictionary program with a bad virus. It is a clever trick. I realized after a couple of hours it was only necessary to scan for the numbers and prices embedded within the Terms of Service to find these sneaky scams.

After I had been researching ways to make money at home for free for two weeks, I was about to give up. That is, until I came across some reviews for a community called Wealthy Affiliate. They had some great testimonials, and seemed to be on the up-and-up. I was still skeptical though, so I did my usual skimming of reviews, criticisms and the fine print.

Their Terms of Service were exactly what I had been looking for. There were no hidden costs or products that you were automatically signed up to. There is only the monthly fee that can be canceled any time. It also seemed to offer a different experience than the other get rich quick sites around.

The members inside the Wealthy Affiliate community have been implementing ways to make money at home for free for years and are willing to help any newcomers. There are hundreds of marketers with expertise in article marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and many other free ways to make money online.

What finally sold me on the Wealthy Affiliate page was that the creators, Carson and Kyle made no outlandish claims for quick success. They found success from the bottom up and know what it takes to make money at home for free online. What they do promise is a teaching environment and a community of internet marketers (like myself) that are willing to help anyone that asks.

This site is also different because they stress the fact that in order to make money at home for free, you must be willing to put in the long hours studying the techniques in this site and implementing what you learn.

I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community since early January 2010, and have learned techniques that allow me to make money at home for free online. I have put up 3 campaigns so far, and am starting to see the rewards.



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