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There has never been a better time to explore the possibilities of working from home. More and more people start a home based a business to provide themselves with more independence and freedom as well as the possibility of increasing their income. The other great benefit is the size of the commute – a few steps from the living room to your home office! For the would be home business owner, working from home is their dream. But for many who try, the dream becomes a nightmare.

Unlike working for someone else, there is no one to be responsible to, only yourself. Starting a home-based business is tough and you are the boss as well as the employee. If you don’t work hard and apply yourself are you going to give yourself the sack? It will be easy for you to take the soft option when things get difficult, as you don’t have a boss. You will also have to juggle time running the business and learning new skills. This all adds to the pressure.

A great deal of self-analysis should be carried out before choosing what home business to try. You need to match as closely as possible the skills you have with the skills needed to run the business you’re interested in. When you have done your self analysis, the skill at the top of your list should be self-discipline. It is a lack of self-discipline that leads to failure and that is why so many give up.

To help you stay disciplined when running your chosen business, make a plan of how your business will be run including a schedule of your typical day. This will help you identify the steps you will be taking and once you have all these written down, you can develop the best sequence to perform the steps. You may have to do several days or weeks if the business cycle covers a longer period of time.

The main idea is that you build a system that works well with a series of steps that you follow. By keeping an eye on the plan, you will prevent yourself from wandering off into unproductive areas or getting drawn away from your work by interruptions. Think of your plan as your boss. While you create it you are the boss working out how best to run the business. Then when you follow the plan carrying out each step, you are the employee. The great thing is if there is something you don’t like about the plan when you are working it, you won’t have a disagreeable boss to argue with! You are the nicest boss you know!

Don’t let a lack of discipline sabotage your efforts to make money from home. Be realistic in your self-analysis. Being truthful with yourself can save a lot of disappointment later. If you can stay disciplined in spite of the difficulties you may face, you will win through and the rewards then can be great.



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