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How to Earn Money Online When Working at Home As a Freelancer by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Do you like the idea to wake up early morning every day and go to work? If not there is a solution for you – work as a freelancer. This article will give you some ideas how to earn money online when working at home as a freelancer.

No matter what is your expertise, you can join some freelancer’s server like Scriptlance. After the registration you will be able to see projects posted by buyers and bid on them. E. g. when searching for article writing projects, explain to the buyer why he should work with you and how much do you charge per article. The buyer will consider all bids and if he decides to work with you he will put money to the escrow.

This means that you will not get paid upfront but you also cannot be scammed. The money stay in the escrow until the project is finished and the work accepted by the buyer. In case the buyer doesn’t want to accept your work or you don’t deliver any results, the second party can initiate arbitration process. If this happen, independent person will make the decision who failed and who will get the money from the escrow.

For those who want to earn money online when working at home as a freelancer is very important to get good rating. When you finish any job the buyer will rate you. The rating is visible to others and they check it when choosing the freelancer they will work with. To be accepted to work on lucrative freelancer projects you may consider this strategy – bid on some very easy projects and offer very low price. Some freelancers do their first jobs almost for free. This will help you to be rated quickly and if you do good job it will help you to get better freelancer job.



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