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How To "Earn Money Online" By Creating A Website The Right Way by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

So you want to earn money online? As important as it is to get a target audience to your website, it is equally important to have them stay on your site in order for them to purchase your product or service.

Many times in our intent to earn money online, entrepreneurs focus so much on their online marketing efforts that they don’t focus on what they see once they get there. You were probably given a free capture page, and a free affiliate website when you joined your opportunity. It may be time to think about creating your own website, or looking at a professional to assist you. Affiliate websites may be flashy and informative. But think of how many others are using the same source.

If you are ready to create your own website there are some tips and techniques to make sure you have a solid presentation. You want to be original and offer key information to your viewers in order to earn money online.

Below is 10 steps to help you create your own website presentation.

1.) A Heading – A Flashy Heading that sums up what your page is about. This should make your viewers want to continue to read through your site. It should be Bold and stand out from the rest of the content on your page. For an Example if your font on your page content is Ariel, it is suggested to make headings either Verdana, or Tahoma and to make the it larger then the rest of the print.

2.) An Audio or video – Audio and Video has become one of the most popular websites features with in the last year. An audio is your voice briefly describing what your page is about.

A Video presentation – Can be as simple as a video of you talking on your website.

One of the biggest challenges of building an online business is that you can lack that personal touch. Having an audio or video presentation come up when your page loads gives customers a personalization to your site.

3.) Formating – Consider the formating of your site. If you are completing more then a one page site you should have a menu of all your pages so that visitors can effectively visit all your content. It has been seen where online business have many different categories on one page. And format there page to with i- frames in order to squeeze all the information within the first page.

However, it is suggested to have one column pages. It is easier and less confusing for viewers to review. When you change topics or information consider adding on another page. To much content can actually make visitors leave rather then stay and get any additional information.

4.) A check list – Having a check list makes key points that you want your readers to review. As a society we are busy people. Taking time to read every word can lose people. But if you have a check list of the main benefits of your product or service your potential customer will look over the main objectives and can make a decision if you are right for them.

5.) Attractive Pictures – This is to be used with caution. While a picture can be worth a thousand words, you want to use them carefully in your site. Don’t over saturate your page with pictures. To many pictures can be distracting from what you have to say.

And use pictures that don’t over hype your situation. When people want to earn money online they will put in pictures of money growing on trees, or falling out of the sky, and what looks like cash covering a desk. While some maybe intrigued by these pictures others will leave because it is over hyped. And lets face it money does not fall out trees.

6.) Promo offers – If you have a promo offer. Make that a heading as well. Center it and then explain underneath what the promo entails.

Everyone likes a deal they will pay attention and read on

7.) Testimonials – Testimonials are a great attention getter for customers. We are in a world that worries over scams, or value of product. If you have testimonials then it will add value to your website.

8.) Guarantees – Everyone likes a guarantee. If you have one, let your customers know by making this a heading as well.

9.) Text and Content – When you are creating your text be careful not to repeat yourself or include information that is not necessary. Sometimes in our intent to educate customers we provide to much information.

In addition talk on your customer base level. I have seen websites that try to intrigue with big words. My advice stick to the basis. Educate your viewers in simple terms. To much technical information will sometimes have them clicking off before they even know the price of your product or service.

10.) Intrigue The Viewers – What will make your customer want to buy from you. Think about this. What sets you aside from everyone else?

Not the time to be shy, its time to give yourself some credit. Go ahead give yourself, your online business, and your product high reviews. Why will a customer buy from you if you don’t tell them?

This format is only in reference to having a presentation that can assist you in your attempts to earn money online. There are additional factors to consider if you are involved in search engine optimization. This format is designed for you to give your viewers an attractive and informative website review.

In conclusion you may have a free capture page, or affiliate website but it may be time to consider setting yourself apart in the business community. You can have the best online marketing campaign currently working for you, but if potential clients do not remain on your information then it will do you know good. Consider using the then steps outlined to assist you in making your advertising dollars working for you and not against you.



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