How to Become Rich by Tithing by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

How to Become Rich by Tithing by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Tithing is a great tool that almost all successful people use. Tithing will not make you poor, but on the contrary it will actually make you rich. Many rich people give to causes, charities and churches and they account their tithing as part of the reason they became so rich. Read on as I shed some light on why tithing will make you rich.

Tithing is a principle that has been used for thousands of years. In order to attain success on their farms, farmers would tithe a percentage of their crop to God each harvest. As far as I am aware, the first written account of tithing is in the Bible, but even if you are not a Christian tithing applies to anyone and everyone who wants to become rich.

1. Tithing Opens Up Your Mind

Let’s start from a scientific point of view, because everyone can relate to and understand that. I was recently watching a news program on TV that talked about the benefits of tithing from a non-spiritual point of view. They stated that the act of tithing was beneficial for your mind because it tricks your mind onto believing that it has more than enough. This then trains your mind to look for more opportunities to make money so you can have more opportunities to give.

It is a bit topsy-turvy, because you actually need to give first before you can receive. But once you start giving, you are mentally more open to more opportunities.

2. Tithing Tips The Balance Of Give and Take

By giving and being generous you are tipping the balance of give and take in your favor. By constantly giving at least 10% on your income to a church or charity you are being like a farmer who is sowing the seed.

When a farmer gives away seed to the ground (sowing the seed), he doesn’t do so expecting nothing in return. It is not a sacrificial act. He does so because he believes that he will receive a harvest of 100 fold of what he sowed.

The farmer would be silly to expect a harvest if he had not given any seed to the sowing process, and we would be silly to expect a financial harvest if we haven’t tithed. By tipping the scales of give and take in our favor we can expect to receive.

3. Tithing Opens Up Heavenly Favor Over Your Life

Tithing opens up the power of God over your life. It is said that God can do more with your 90% than you can do with your entire 100%. By giving our money over you are allowing God to work in your life. By trusting him with the small 10% you are allowing him to bless the remaining 90% and increase your income.

4. Tithing Stops You From Being Cheap

I have heard it said that “God doesn’t need our money, but we need to give”. Tithing stops you from being cheap. There are some people who get rich by being cheap, by never being generous and never giving a dime to anyone else unless it benefited them. The problem with becoming rich by being cheap is that at the end of the day you are still cheap, and that is no way to enjoy life.

Tithing stops you for being cheap because it trains you to be a generous person. The best way to experience life is to be generous. “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give”. Some of the best memories I have was when I gave generously to help people. Tithing keeps you from being cheap and missing out of one of the greatest joys (helping other people).

5. Tithing Attracts ‘More Than Enough’

The law of attraction states that whatever you think you attract. So if you are thinking “I don’t have enough money” you are attracting more situations for you to say “I don’t have enough money”.

By tithing, and do so joyfully, you are thinking the thoughts of “I have more than enough” and therefore you will attract more situations for you to say “I have more than enough”. The law of attraction is always at work, so tithing is a tool we can use to tell God and the universe that we want more situations where we have more than enough. By doing so you will naturally attract that to yourself.


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