Gemstones – How to Broker Your Way to Millions by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Gemstones – How to Broker Your Way to Millions by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

I’ve seen folks go bankrupt whilst they busied themselves trying to invest hard-earned cash in gemstones in the hope of making a fortune. I hate to sound pessimistic-because I’m always an optimist-but something almost always goes wrong. Don’t ask me why, it’s just my observation over time and I’m sure a lot of entrepreneurs in the gems industry will attest to that. Unless you have a bottomless bank account the only risk-free way to make money in gemstones is by becoming a broker. As a broker, you neither invest in mining, nor buy gemstones for resale. You simply broker deals and earn lucrative commissions. Nothing makes more sense than that. This article will offer tips on how to become a gemstone broker without investing a dime of your hard-earned money.

Making money in gemstones doesn’t always involve mining, and or buying and selling. If you ask me, buying stones in order to resell can be very risky…for any number of reasons. Yes, there are countless reasons why you can quickly lose money and go bankrupt before you’ve even made your first sale. Here are some of the reasons why: the stones you purchased from that dealer down the road were not of the quality your buyer had expected-and so your merchandise was rejected and your seller won’t take them back; the stones were fake or synthetic imitations and you hadn’t spotted that; or you’d got the real-deal item but somehow the seller swapped them over for inferior (or fake) stones whence you weren’t looking. I won’t delve into this because that isn’t the purpose of this article. So how then do you get around all of these charlatans?

It’s quite simple. You simply broker the deals and take a commission from both the buyer and the seller. Thanks to the Internet it is fairly easy to find suitable contacts online. Try the social networks like Facebook and Twitter and start connecting with prospective buyers and sellers. Ideally, you’ll want to find entrepreneurs who are selling gemstones, and to connect them to potential buyers for a commission. You can demand anywhere from 1% to 20% of the value of the transaction. It all depends on WHAT stones you’re brokering and HOW in-demand they are. I’ll give you one quick example. You’re likely to get 1% on a diamond deal and up to 20% on colored stones. The former has a high price tag (hence the lower commission), and the latter is usually priced relatively lower. That should give you an idea. Be creative in your marketing, be honest, and most importantly be willing to learn. These are the three qualities that will define you and your business. You have to earn this. You can’t buy it. With so many unscrupulous people looking to make money for nothing, you’ll want to be amongst the reliable and trustworthy of the pack. It will do your business a world of good.

In conclusion: contrary to what many would imagine, making money in the gemstone industry isn’t always about investing hard-earned cash in mining or buying stones in order to resell for profit. Sadly, many have poured money down the drain this way and gotten seriously bankrupt because of it. There is another way. Become a gems broker and earn a commission from both the buyer and the seller… without investing a dime into the business. Depending on what gemstones you’re brokering you’ll earn anywhere from 1% to 20% commission as a broker. Use social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.), forums and such like to find potential business partners. It is quite easy when you put your mind to it. But what is tremendously important and likely to ensure your longevity in the business is when you conduct your business with honesty, an eagerness to learn, and a lot of creativity thrown in for good measure.


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