Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Earn Money From Home Videos by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Having worked as an IT manager in a national video company for 10 years it came as a devastating shock last summer when I was told I was no longer needed. The company I worked for hit a major downturn, departments were streamlined and my middle management job was absorbed or dissolved or however they put it.

It is a story that I imagine has been repeated not just throughout the US but worldwide. I needed to earn money to pay my mortgage and earn it FAST or lose everything.

I was fed up of ‘working for the man’ so decided that I would try and earn money from home. But where to start? Well Googling ‘Earn Money From Home’ brought up a huge mount of options. Too many to be honest. So I tried again to narrow it down a little. I like watching things as opposed to reading so I tried ‘Earn Money From Home Videos’ and that again brought up quite a few options but gave me something to go on.

So, how was I going to make my money?

One of the things the cropped up time and again was ‘Earn Money From Home By Affiliate Marketing.’ There were quite a few videos on that subject all promising 6 figure salaries. It sounded perfect but I was naturally quite skeptical. Watching videos about it was one thing. Earning enough money from home to keep my family another.

I researched a little further. I found out that Affiliate Marketing is the business of selling other peoples products online and earning commissions for doing so. The beauty of it is that done correctly you have a worldwide market that is repetitive income. If you sell one product to one person, then why won’t others buy that very same product?

Could I Earn money from my own home doing this? I watched a few videos and pretty soon I realised that this was big. Many people were earning money from home as Affiliate Marketers and there was room for more. I began to feel optimistic.

As I had no sales experience I knew it would be a steep learning curve for me but hey, I had time on my hands to learn. My previous employer had seen to that.

I spent a whole day watching earn money from home videos and also reading up on other peoples experiences. Then bam! I found the one I was looking for. Out of all the schemes and plans out there this one looked head and shoulders above the others.



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