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Earn Extra Income While Working From Home by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

Working from home is not as easy as most people think. You need to be focused, self motivated and being able to manage your time effectively is also just as important.

I am not going to say it is easy working from home because it is equally as tiring as any other job. The key to earning a living working from home is to focus on building your skills because your skills will earn you more money. For example you could work from home freelance writing but if your writing skills are not up to scratch you need to focus on building them.

Many Paid To Review Websites are a good place to start. You can make money reading and writing product and opinion reviews. Get paid to social network, this way the more followers you have the more money you will earn.

Once you have developed further you can move on to other areas of freelance writing for example copy writing or proofreading. So basically better the quality of the product (your writing) better the income it generates.

Working from home freelance writing is not the only option available for us there are other areas such as giving our opinions to market research companies in exchange for money and other rewards.

Paid surveys is a fun and interesting way to earn money from home.

Being asked your opinion on a TV advert is exciting, especially when 1 month later you see that TV advert during a commercial break. Also being sent a free product through the post to ‘test’ is great fun when you see that product on sale in boots a few months later, knowing your opinion helped that product on its journey. It is a very satisfying job doing paid surveys from home.

As I said before develop your skills within market research, Sign up to as many companies as possible and take all work offered. One you are doing several surveys a day you will find eventually you get more interesting surveys with ongoing research with ongoing pay!!

As well as earning from paid surveys and freelance writing, you can earn money surfing the web, doing online what you are probably doing already. For example if your looking for cheap lawn mowers and you search through a particular cashback site you will get paid to simply browse other websites. You can also earn money referring your friends to do the same Earn surfing the web!!

Of course the other income generator is to have your own online shop, or affiliate website. You could sell products online with drop shippers, they will store and send the product to the buyer giving you more time to sell products online. With no set up costs and overheads it is a safe and reliable income from home.

Affiliate marketing is also very similar to dropshipping except the fact you don’t have any customers you simply promote a customer to another company and if they make a purchase or you generate a lead you get paid for it!!



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