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Can YouTube Make You More Famous Than a Squirrel and Earn Money For You Too? by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

If you have ever seen some of the most famous videos on YouTube you will soon realize that there are times when it is better to be lucky than good. If you have as much serious acting talent as a squirrel who can look surprised or a lizard that has the perfect sense of comedic timing by jumping on a news guy at the right moment, then you can be a YouTube star as well.

If you happen to get picked up for your talent by an agency or business, you will earn money beyond your wildest dreams. In the old days none of these things were possible, and talent agents held all the cards regarding exposure of one person to the next. Now it is a wide-open playing field that everyone has a chance of winning on.

Maybe you just have that perfect video of your neighbor falling off his ladder and splitting his pants, or you captured a real UFO hovering over your house, and just want to share the experience with others. Even in this realm, your video might earn money for you if it gets into the right hands. YouTube can connect you with the possibility of finding the perfect person to get a hold of your video.

Some people are trying really hard to be the next great American movie star, and try really hard to get noticed on YouTube to eventually earn money in Hollywood. While most of these people make it obvious why they are not in Hollywood making movies, sometimes a director or producer might find a diamond in the rough and open a door to that person that was never possible before. While this is still a rarity, it is becoming more and more of a viable option for many who have no other means of breaking into such a competitive industry.

So, if you think YouTube is merely entertainment for the masses and feel you cannot earn money from putting anything out there, you are mistaken. The simple concept of getting your talent out there to the world may make you a millionaire, world famous, or both. Don’t think twice about it and post your video before someone else steals your original idea or art and makes it their ticket to a life of success.



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