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Can You Earn Money Writing Articles? Yes, But There’s A Good Way and A Much Better Way by TechBlog.SoftwareTechIT

So, you like to write, and you thought: Why not earn money writing articles? Good thinking, but did you know that you can do that in several ways? And that some of the ways are much better than others? Don’t waste your time on making only pennies, when you could make dollars.

Do you plan to make a living on your writings? Or just make an extra income to sweeten up life?

If you use the right method, you could very well end up like a lot of us: Writing, when we feel like it, and seeing the income stream into the bank account, paying for the rent, the food, the electricity, etc.

In other words: No need to keep a day job, if you don’t want to.

I quit my job almost 15 years ago, and I certainly never regretted it. I love to be able to work, when I want to, and do what I like. I love to write, so I chose that branch of business.

If that’s your desire, too, then make sure you don’t end up in a job, without knowing it.

How could that happen?

If you’re only considering selling your work, when you’re figuring out how to earn money writing articles, you’re doing it wrong. You’ll be able to make money, yes, but you’re only trading hours for money.

You should aim at making your articles bring in money, month after month, even years after they’ve been written. And you can’t do that if you sell them to clients.

What you should do instead is to either write articles, submit them to directories, and point them to affiliate products or your own products. Or you can add them to your blog, and make money from the ads on your blog, or — again — from products.

One of my sites contains more than 1,400 articles, and even though I haven’t touched it in the last couple of years, these articles still make me around $2,000 each and every month on auto-pilot.

Other articles are uploaded to article directories, and people visit my site through the link in the resource box. There they can either join my lists, read my blog posts, or buy my products. These articles makes me money, too, even a long time after they’ve been written.

The best way to earn money writing articles is by using these two methods.



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