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All of the time we hear the quote, “The American Dream”. However, how many of us are actually living “The American Dream’? Are you one of millions of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck? In fact, are you usually in the hole even after you are paid? Unfortunately, this is familiar to most people in America.

We have seen a shift in the structure of our economy. It use to be that a household could survive on one income and even have enough for some of the luxuries of life. Now it is almost a necessity for both the husband and wife to work and even on occasion have more than one job.

The security in working for a company for 30 years and retiring with good benefits is quickly fading. The distance between the affluent versus the poor is becoming greater and more distinct.

Now that we have seen a hopeless picture, let’s paint a wonderful picture of opportunity, fulfillment and abundance. Never before in the history of America are more millionaires being made. Approximately 87% of the wealthiest people in America are creating wealth through their own business or investments.

Home based business franchise’s are becoming the wave of the future. The advantages of having your own Home Based Business are the following:

1. Security: Rather than someone else determining your value, your own hard work determines your wage. In fact when you are the one in charge, the sky is the limit.

2. Tax Breaks: You can save thousands of dollars a year by owning your own home

based business. Car expenses such as tires, car payments, and gas mileage can all be deductible. Plane tickets, meals, office expenses and even a portion of your mortgage are deductible. The list goes on and on.

3. Flexibility: It is important to be committed and dedicated to your home based

business to insure our success. However, it is advantageous to have the ability and freedom to accomplish personal goals and desires.

4. Save Money: Because you are working from home, simple costs are eliminated. Gas,

day care, clothing, meals, wear and tear on your car, are just a few.

5. Daily Travel Time: The average travel time for most people a day to a job is 60

minutes. Some people commute each day for almost two hours. This is a huge chunk out of the day and not tax deductible.

Home Based Business’s are quickly becoming the wave of the future and for good reason. The benefits seem to be endless. Running a home based business franchise can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Find what you are most passionate about, set your goal in sight, learn and work hard. All of your dreams, including “The American Dream”, can come true.



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